Security guards beat couple mercilessly after catching them pants down in mall

A South African couple were brutalised by security guards at a shopping mall because they engaged in intimate relations inside the building.

It was gathered that a young man and his girlfriend took off their clothes in a section of the mall to get down but they were caught by one of the security men who called the attention of his colleagues.

A trending video captured the moment, the guards teamed up and pounced on both the girl and her boyfriend without any mercy.

The clip was shared on Twitter by @MulaudziTaylor after another tweep said; “That Video of Thavhani Mall Security Beating BF and For having sxxx in the mall is dusting me.”

It generated mixed reactions on social media as people felt the assault was extreme, with particular condemnation of attack on the girl.

See the clip below:

@Czami3; They are beating up a woman like that?! 😳😳Somebody give me their Facebook handles , we are about to sue big time!

Jaytea2015; This is what happens when people get into industries without knowledge. Are these officers and the company registered and compliant

@daddy_Tafie; People be asking why beating a woman like this. So who do you want them to beat like that??? I hope it wasn’t for only fans

@_Mshika; If I was one of the two , I would fight tooth and nail for the security guard to get arrested.

@SammyMoseri; That’s how black people were created… That’s what we do to each other, it is in us, it is who we are… Violence, killing and stealing from each other, bewitching each other, being jealous of each other, every evil thing you can think of… Ke rena batho ba bantsho

@Jaytea2015; The guy should open a case of assault. The security guys will be fired, and the company and the mall will distance itself from them soon as they are arrested.