How my neighbour paralyzed me with her car after I returned from UK – Nigerian man narrates

A Nigerian man identified as Yemi Dada, has opened up on how he recovered from an accident that left him physically disabled, when he returned from the United Kingdom.

He said he moved back to Nigeria in 2013, and on one fateful day his neighbour was driving into the compound and he helped her open the gate but she somehow lost control and knocked him down.

The young accountant said his leg got broken and as a result of the accident he lost his job, his savings, became depressed, and had to go through two years of lonely recovery.

As fate would have it, more than 10 years later and Yemi has been able to recover all he lost in 10 folds, and is walks normally, making him a happy and fulfilled man.

On how he was able to recover from the incident, Yemi said it started with forgiveness, vowed neer to let in negative thoughts and he read a lot of books.

In his words; “In 2013, I returned home from UK. While opening the gate for a neighbor to drive in, she lost control of the car, knocked me down, and drove over my right leg. Broken!!!

The outcome was a 2-year lonely, depressing road to recovery. Lost my job, my savings, everything I owned. Today, all I lost, I have now recovered 10 folds. I am very happy now, fine and fulfilled.

How did I recover? My recovery started with forgiveness, and then I vowed never to let negative thoughts thrive within and avoided too many sympathy visits. I read lots of books too.

There is so much miracle in positivity. When you go through things but stay confident and positive, even at your lowest point. Absolutely nothing can shake me anymore. It’s a mindset.”