I was 25 and broke in NYSC camp – Chidi Okereke urges struggling youths to trust God

Nigerian entrepreneur and tech investor, Chidi Okereke has encouraged youths who are struggling to make it in life to never give up.

He shared his personal struggles as a growing youth, saying when he was 25 years and doing his national youth service in Nigeria, he was broke and relied on meal cards in NYSC camp to survive.

 I was 25 and broke in NYSC camp - Entrepreneur, Chidi Okereke urges struggling youths to trust God

According to the UK-based restaurant owner, he was able to celebrate the service year with about N5000 that an in-law sent to him at the time.

Chidi shared his story in response to an article which reads; “Your financial fate is sealed by the time you turn 25”

He urged those who may be discouraged to put their trust in God as He is the only one that can seal their fate in this life.

Chidi wrote; “I turned 25 in NYSC camp, I did not have shi shi. I am one of those who used almost 100% of the meal card. My In-law sent me 5k or 10k (don’t remember now) and that’s how I was able to buy a bottle of beer to ‘celebrate’. Your fate is sealed when God says it is.”

Some social media users felt the need to also share their experiences after reading his post which has now gone viral.

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@Falilatt_ wrote; I will use this one to hold body, thank you

@jr_Stevenn; Wow …seems you’re talking about me ….I turned 25 yrs in camp….I don’t have nothing. .but I know I’ll be worth something someday

@iyamuller; I don’t know where they make this stuff up from. We have a maker, God,he alone knows the beginning from the end. Glad you made it. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) did not start till when??? There are many other stories like this. So chill, be still and know that He is God.

@IghaloTerry; This was me in camp 2018. No shi shi April 27th 2018 camp mami market was upsidedown. Na my birthday dem day celebrate 😂😂 my guys from platoon and group celebrated me. 2 of my guys dash me money.

@techbabenurse; Thank you for sharing sir. For real, I keep finding myself slipping into constant anxiety and worry cause I feel like I haven’t achieved much. Take-home: My fate is sealed when God says it is.