Invest your money in guys instead of ladies – Apostle Suleman advises men

General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman has urged men to help their fellow male folks in need instead of women.

The clergyman gave the advise to members of his congregation during a sermon over the weekend while explaining that such action comes with more benefits.

According to him, when a man helps his fellow man, he has a team, but helping a lady sometimes leads to scandal.

Suleman stressed that only few women are usually appreciative when they receive help. The cleric chastised men who would see their fellow man in need and help a woman instead.

Watch him speak:

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Apostle Suleman’s remark generated massive controversy and led to mixed reactions from social media users.

fekomiceo; That is a subjective opinion sir , I know some men that I personally helped but eventually wanted to burn me from behind. Just help people without expecting anything in return . Help and BOUNCE ✈️. After all JUDAS wasn’t a lady 🤨

kingfemisilva; Are you guys pastors or inspirational speakers? Which Bible verse is attached to helping men without helping women? Oga oooooh

itc_global; Helping a fellow man is 50-100% while helping a woman is 0-10% When you help a man, it’s like a debt he owes you and some men just want to return such gesture when ever the opportunity shows up in future.

official_samdaily; In my opinion, help without expecting anything in return, there are females you help and when you need them they will change your life from good to better and also some men.

engr_ikenna; This is very subjective. You don’t surround yourself liabilities, be it female or male, all in the name of friendship, and then come to assume they’ll ever help you out in time of need. If the females always come through for me, mehn I’ll invest in them, likewise if otherwise.

gidotti_official; Omoh! Do whatever works for you… I don help guys when forget my help but remember their girl and family when them see the light… I don see babe come through where guys give excuses

queen_lavida; I’m glad God bless this mumu with plenty daughters may dey never find helpers cos you’re looking for teammates oshi

prettyprincessmuna; Personal experience I agree. But hon you’re a pastor. Biased shouldn’t be in your category, keep that gist with your wife in the bedroom.

nova_atelier__; This is misogynic in all spheres … help shouldn’t be gender specific… help a person in need … not gender in need…. Your personal experience is not a base to justify not helping women… .. on this … even God disagrees..

itzetanaa; Abeg sir speak for urself and stop misleading people. If helping women didn’t favour u doesn’t mean it won’t favour others. Besides who helps and expects 🙄 I don still speak English wen meself nor understand.