UK-based Nigerian man narrates how lady used talking stage to scam him of over £2,600

A Nigerian man who resides in the United Kingdom has described talking stage, a preamble to relationships as ’emotional scam’ as he shares his experience with a woman.

The guy known as Segun Onayemi said they have been talking since January and within that period she demanded gifts and money from him multiple times.

UK-based Nigerian man narrates how lady used talking stage to scam him of over £2,600

According to him, the unnamed lady has used the opportunity to extort about £600 from him and he has spent over over £2,000 on her.

Segun who shared the story on Twitter said he asked her for update on the chances of them dating and she informed him that she is still studying him.

In his words; “Talking stage is emotional scam. I involved myself in one since January and I have spent over £2k, on gifts, important and urgent £100 like 6six times. I ask auntie how far? She said she’s still studying me and I ask what of if I failed. Auntie replied everyone will find there way.”

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Reacting, @Ayoappeal wrote; She’s not into you bro, that’s the honest truth, you are not a course that should take months to study, that’s why people talk to 2 or more people, there’s no time to waste with failed investment

@Gentlejerome; Why is she studying you though? Anyways, When she demands another urgent £100, just tell her that you are studying her, and will send her the money after that. Don’t be an easy prey please

@ms_chiamakaa; I don’t blame guys that gets put off when a lady bills them for urgent £100 during talking stage. There’s no manual to these things but I will say again, you’ll know a lady that likes you. There are pretenders but watch closely, the signs are there.

@LucidIdealist; Bro without you mentioning the country we know where the self entitled aunty is from, pls be open minded find there are good Caucasian women out there, willing to learn and get involved with African culture and ways, just have to put yourself out there, this is UK.