Why you should never live in the same house with your mother in-law – Man advises married women

A man known as Okey Aliyu has said it is not advisable for a newly married woman to live in the same house with with her husband and his mother.

He stated this in a Facebook post as he warned that no matter how much the woman thinks her mother-in-law loves her, she will find out how things change with time.

Okey said if the wife decides to live together with such women, particularly the Anambra mothers, then she must prepare herself mentally, emotionally and physically to cope.

The post reads; “If you will be staying in the same house permanently with your husband and mother in-law, especially Anambra Mother in-law after wedding as a lady, please think, rethink and over think your choice and make sure you are mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically fit to cope.

I have said these things times without number but many of you don’t use to rate me. You think I just love to rant online or dive into discussion I have no experience on.

No matter how much love you think your Mother in-law has towards you as a lady, the best way to enjoy such peace is to stay far away from her. Some of you young girls thinks it’s the same plate they used in serving you the first day you visited that they will continue to use to serve you.

See, If you and your husband will be living together with his Mother in the same house, make sure your husband is not the type that dances to every tone of his mother. Make sure he doesn’t rate his mother’s opinions over yours always. You will see shege

Then if he now has single sisters who have come of age staying together as well in the same house with their mother and your husband, congratulations to you. Na glorified slave you go be. Shege pro max

If you like don’t read to understand and borrow yourself sense. Come here to tell me how good some mother in-laws are. Tell me how I shouldn’t talk about Anambra Mothers. Eat shawarma and ice cream this week and throw my advise away. Na You go hear am hot hot when e go set.”

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