Churches pay me N7000 to fake ‘miraculous healing’ – Woman confesses

A middle-aged woman identified as Madam Alimot, has confessed to conniving with pastors to stage fake miracles and deliverance sessions for churches to get new members.

She was apprehended for her involvement in a fraudulent scheme that staged fake miracles in a church located in one of the South-West states.

Churches pay me N7000 to fake 'miraculous healing' - Woman confesses

The Oluyole Security Surveillance Team took her into custody after reports emerged of her exploiting a teenage boy and threatening him when he threatened to expose their activities.

Opening up about her fraudulent practice in an interview, the woman in her 50s revealed that she recruited the teenage nephew of one of her tenants, to participate in one such performance where he was made to pretend to be deaf and then miraculously regain his hearing.

But after the service, the pastor who received substantial cash donations gave the teenager only N500 and threatened by Alimot to keep quiet about the deceit.

Madam Alimot shared; “I live at Olomi Area of the city. I was a beer and wine seller before and well known in my area. However, I had an accident, and my business crashed. I had another accident at Olomi when a car hit me. So, I couldn’t continue with my business since two years ago.

“It was then that someone told me about a church’s style of gaining membership and raising much money through bringing in people who would pretend as needing healing from sicknesses and diseases.

“Sometimes, a member of the syndicate would act as an imbec!le. Other times, I would act like someone who is a witch and had rendered her husband impotent. After my ‘confession,’ the pastor would use anointing oil and water to restore the manhood of the syndicate member who would pretend to be my husband.

“I could also act as if I spiritually attacked the child of my rival in my marriage. The person who introduced the business to me lived at OkeAdu. She was known as Iya Deola but died recently. I have worked with the syndicate about four times and I made up my mind not to go to the church for such deceit again. I kept off the business for almost two years before I ventured into it again. Lately, my mind just went to her, and I borrowed the phone of the boy, whose involvement exposed me, to call her.

“What I got to understand is that the pastor would call her whenever he needed people to come to church gathering and act as if a miracle was occurring. The worshippers were many.

“One of the acts I performed was that I pretended as if I afflicted my rival’s son with impotence because I didn’t give birth to a male child and was being oppressed by his mother. The pastor would anoint him with oil and sprinkle water on him. Immediately, he would hold his manhood and start rejoicing, telling the congregation that he felt life in it again.

“I used to be paid ₦7,000 each time I went to the town and return to Ibadan, and the payment would include transport fare. So, what I was usually left with was between ₦1,500 and ₦2,000. That was what I would use to eat.

“I have two children and one of them, a male, just got someone pregnant. He’s my second child. My daughter is married and blessed and blessed with two children but is currently sick.”