Man relocates with family but leaves last child behind after DNA test revealed he isn’t the father

A Nigerian man has shared a chilling story about a child being abandoned by his father after establishing a case of paternity fraud.

Jay Mannie revealed that a man wanted to move abroad with his family, but as he was making the travel arrangements, they all went for DNA test and the result showed that the last child belonged to someone else.

The complicated part of the story is that his wife is deceased and he only found out that he was not the boy’s real father after she passed away.

He reportedly traveled and left the boy, in Nigeria even though he happens to be his favourite child. According to Mannie, the man still made sure that the boy is well taken care of back home as he relocated with other members of his family.

The post reads; “Man wanted to japa with his family, did a DNA test on his kids, found out his last fav kid isn’t his. Now wife is not alive to tell him the biological father of the boy. He had to leave the boy behind but made sure he is well taken care of. Women,Womennnn!!!!”

Reacting, @ChidimmaFaith15; When men abandon children because they find out they’re not theirs biologically, I feel hurt because. While I understand it’s a response in pain, it’s also a mar on that child’s life forever. The mother did wrong, not the child. Fatherhood is not by sperm, it’s by relationship.

@Jaymannie1; Me I just feel, since the woman is no more he shouldn’t have loud it, he should have kept it to himself too and do everything necessary to adopt the child so he can relocate with them maybe after every paperwork

@CRawkeen; As long he’s been taking care of all of them before the knowledge, there’s no point leaving the child behind. Moreover, the unfortunate woman is deceased so what’s the point?

@SomiEkhasomhi; The immigrant visa wouldn’t apply to the child if the father can’t establish a genetic relationship, a step-parent relationship or an adoption. Instead of blaming the man for taking the opportunity to travel, maybe the woman should have been more considerate of her future child?

@lydianwobodo; I don’t think any country asks for DNA to travel with kids who bear your name. Birth certificates, adoption certs, and consent letters is all that’s ask.

@hatmadah1; Actually, this right here depends on the individual. I always tell people that nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Everything revolves around understanding. For me, I will adopt the kid given that the mother isn’t alive to tell the truth, but I won’t judge someone who wouldn’t

@HenryAdelu; Does everyone giving hot takes here understand that they way he will see that child from the day of discovery will be different? Unfortunately the harlot isn’t alive to answer the puzzle but we’re all here shouting the man shld do this & that. Let him beg himself first abeg.