You will become a billionaire if you pay your tithe – Evangelist (Video)

A Nigerian pastor has stirred controversy on the internet following his sermon linking accumulation of wealth to tithe-giving.

Speaking in church, he assured that anyone who pays their tithe and sows seed will definitely become a billionaire.

He likened non-payment of tithes to theft, as he condemned Christians that fall into that category. The cleric said not paying tithes is the same as robbing God, which makes one a thief.

He said; “If you’re not paying your tithe, you’re a thief and you have robbed God. You sow seed and you pay your tithe.

That power of tithe will come, the power of the seed will join together and you become a billionaire. People would be coming to borrow money from your hand. People would be crying but it’s not for you.”

Watch video below:

@NwaAdaIgbo1; So, if i pay my tithe now, i will become a billionaire? Hunger don finish this pastor

@official_adags; Is that what the Bible told you to preach to your congregation?

@ajuba101; By all means, avoid these preachers. For your own good, and for the sake of your soul. God is not in church, he’s in you! Spirituality is not a gift that can be impacted. It’s within you. Don’t let them scare you with hell, your pastor’s are the ones eating the tithes/offerings.

Meanwhile, in related news…

On-Air-Personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has alleged that Nigerian pastors orchestrated his ostracization from the industry for speaking against tithe.

In a chat with Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, he recalled boldy critizing pastors for always preachin about tithing and the consequent outcome that followed.

Daddy Freeze said he became poor due to the backlash and revealed that he is still black-listed in the media and entertainment industry.

While recounting his ordeal, the controversial radio presenter said there was no pastor that didn’t attack him for what he said about tithe, and he became scared for his life because of the uproar.

Despite all the curses and criticism, Daddy Freeze maintained that the bible does not support the tithe system that Nigeria runs.

He said, “When I started going against tithe, there’s no Nigerian pastor that didn’t respond. I just came and read the bible to them: Deuteronomy chapter 14, if you read from verse 22, it said, ‘Eat your tithe by yourself.’ I read it. Verse 26 said, ‘If the place the Lord your God has chosen for you to pay your tithe is too far away, sell the tithe and take the money when you get there use it to buy wine, beer, anything you want and celebrate in the house of the Lord.’”