You may be the best wife and your husband will still want another wife – Therapist tells Muslim women

A marriage therapist, Shamseddin Giwa, has told married Muslim women not to worry themselves when their husband takes a new wife as the problem my not be from them.

He explained in a Facebook post that one may be the best wife but her husband would still want to marry a second wife, in accordance with Islamic practices and nothing she does can change his mind.

The Nigerian man further contrasted the situation and pointed out that a woman may be less than average in the union and her man would stick with only her.

According to Giwa, women need to learn that most times when their partner makes such a decision it is not always about the wife.

He wrote; “The shock for many Muslim first wives begins when the husband announces the decision to take another wife given the mindset and upbringing that if you do your best your husband will not desire another.

The truth: You may be the best wife and your husband still wants another. You may be less than average and your husband doesn’t take another. It’s not always about you.

A man who will marry another wife, will marry another wife. From there, the bitterness sets in and a battle mode engaged towards the incoming wife who may even be trying her own best to make things work. Understanding what’s permissible in Islam and aligning before marriage helps to address many of these issues. May Allaah make it easy.”

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You may be the best wife and your husband will still want another wife - Therapist tells Muslim women

In reaction, ijeomasetter wrote; Queen May Yul Edochie, it was not about you or anything you did or didn’t do. You were a wonderful wife😍😍

nicefeetsthrift; Marry as many as you want but please no expect me to buy garri for your wives children ooo make nobody worry nobody 😮😂

ms.gbekeloluwa; As a Muslim, I cannot condone a man marrying more than one wife. Even according to the teachings of Allah SWT, it’s permissible only if he can love and treat each wife equally. However, it’s understood that it’s nearly impossible for a man to love two women equally, so essentially, the message is to avoid marrying more than one.

hermothersdaughta; May allah make what easy? What is your definition of easy? I still find it difficult to understand allah in that aspect. You create a woman to be emotional being , because the last time I check they don’t create themselves that way. You gave them emotions. Yet you gave man a go ahead to tamper on there emotions and hurt them, just to please himself, then instruct women not to be emotional 🤷‍♀️.

You gave someone permission to hurt me and instruct me not to hurt them back because that is not your command. The religion confuse me I’m not even going to lie. You said u love us all. Yet you make a commandment to hurt me and put so much struggle in my journey just to please the other gender and put him above me.

Where is that love because I can’t see it. You should have just create woman like a robot without emotions. It will safe everyone all this mess some polygamous create in the society. It not even funny😏.