Yahoo boy nearly burst into tears because white client refused to send 5k (Watch video)

A suspected cyber fraudster aka Yahoo boy has been captured on tape berating his client over failure to end the money he asked for.

He apparently requested for 5,000 but the victim was unable to send it till date and this provoked him that he had to lash out at the person over the phone.

In a video posted online, he could be seen berating the foreigner during their phone converstion as he explained that the delay in getting the money is affecting his arrangement with the post office.

The yahoo boy, who was evidently angry, further threw a rheotorical question at the white client ‘Are you crazy’. The matter was making him emotional and he almost broke down, while someone who was hiding to record him struggled not to laugh out loud.

Watch the clip below:

Meanwhile in related news..

Gospel singer, Frank Edwards recently declared that his wealth surpasses that of every person who is actively into internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo) in Nigeria.

He made the declaration during an event while advising young people to desist from yahoo or yahoo plus because ‘it is not the way.’

In a viral video, he also stressed that his abundance of resources allows him to fulfill his desires and needs. Edwards compared and contrasted his lifestyle and properties with the unlawful and malevolent activities that Yahoo Boys engage in in a bid to make money

The ‘If Not For you’ singer further said that his riches stem from his faith and devotion, unline cyber fraudsters who seek wealth through illicit means, he maintains a clean and honorable path to prosperity.

He went on to say that one thing which distinguishes him from them is that he can comfortable support his family and friends with his earnings whereas, Yahoo Boys are unable to do so due to the questionable source of their wealth.

In other news..

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she narrowly escaped landing in police net as a result of a request some internet fradusters (yahoo boys) made from her.

She said that she sat with two yahoo boys in a vehicle during a trip from Ibadan to Ilorin when police stopped them and one handed her his iPhone and begged her to tell the policeman that she owns his bag.

The young lady known as @Atilolahafeezah on Twitter said when officers asked her, she denied and the guy beside her denied too. When the security personnel checked the bag, they found some voodooo items inside.

She narrated; So, I sat with 2 criminals (gbona gbona yahoo guys) from ibadan to ilorin. When the police stopped us, the one that sat beside me gave me his iPhone and said I should tell the police men his bag is mine I was like how nahh that what if they check the bag and they see something that can implicate me, he said they can’t check it I was sha scared 😂.

Then they asked who the owner of the bag is I said not mine and the guy also denied I was like haa 😂 Alakoba re o. So, they opened the bag and they met calabash, soap, clothes and some books.

The other guy didn’t carry any bag but the police was bent on him carrying something. So, one of them entered the car and searched where he seated, geh geh un 😂 the man brought out a small plastic inside nylon 😂😭 i was like hafeezahhh so you sat with criminals 😭. The guy sha rushed to the man and begged him not to cast him to his colleagues. If you are not contented as a lady, you are in trouble and they will use you. I’m sure they will release them and collect money from them. Ki olori sho ara o.