“This is the hardest time to be a virgin” – Influencer, Wizarab

Abroad-based Nigerian influencer, Wizarab, has asserted that this period in history is the worst time for anybody to be a virgin.

He expressed concerns via microblogging platform, Twitter over how male and female folks no longer value or uphold the the idea of preserving their virginity.

Wizarab said many people are either desperate to lose their virginity in the modern society or they see it as a waste. He also talked about society mocking chaste ladies who are keeping themselves for marriage while praising those that brag about sleeping around.

He said that men are also influencing women not to see virginity as a thing of pride because they claim it does not equate good values. The influencer further decried how many people want to have nothing to do with virgins.

Wizarab tweeted; “This is the hardest time to be a virgin. Many virgins are either desperate to lose it or see it as a waste. The men don’t want to date them and even the ones that do, do not want to be celibate. The values are different in our time. What most men want these days are sexually active women who are faithful to them.

Nobody cares about dating virgins. What people brag about is thrxxt goats and rough riders. People forget somebody has to do the popping of the cherry. When they come online, virgins are being bullied or silenced.

The men are telling them virginity does not equate to good values. The women are shaming and silencing them. Online and offline, no one is encouraging virginity. Half the men want to smash as e dey hot. The other half want nothing to do with virgins. The women critique them as though their virginity casts a shadow on their sxx life. This is a personal observation and I’m interested in seeing where it leads.”

Read his tweet:

@boi_soak commented; You haven’t met all men. Don’t say all men want to date non virgins. Don’t use social media to judge reality. A lot of men still want virgins. I can tell you , virgins are not shaken. They know what they want and will not lose it because of pressure online. They are not desperate

@TrentahRaihanah; Good to know it is your submission though it is not well thought and misleading even just from the point of effective writing and communication.

@En_Dindy; The other half of men are still interested to find some but most Virgin girls can be highly aggressive because they try to protect themselves and most guys don’t have patience for that “Alot of men still respects Virginity” Don’t follow the crowd.