Man calls off wedding as fiancée refuses to say who gave her iPhone 13 Pro Max

A man identified as Raymond Eze has reportedly cancelled the wedding plans due to his fiancée’s refusal to be open and honest with him about her personal effects.

A lawyer, Bolanle Cole shared the interesting story on Twitter about how the man questioned his wife-to-be known as Susan Iwueze about who gave her an iPhone 13 Pro Max but she refused to tell him.

He said when Susan received the phone gift and her fiance found out about that she did not buy the device. When she refused to disclose whi she received it from, Raymond called it quits with the relationship and called off the wedding because her behaviour was suspicious.

The post reads; “So I read about a man who called off his wedding because his fiancée refused to reveal who gifted her an iPhone 13 Pro Max.. He canceled his marriage to his fiancée because of a phone given to her by a stranger.

The bride named Susan Iwueze allegedly received an iPhone 13 Pro Max as a gift from someone. When her fiancé Mr Raymond Eze found out, he asked who gave it to her, but she refused to tell him.

He confronted her about who had given her the expensive gadget but she insisted on keeping the person’s identity a secret. He ended up calling off their wedding to avoid any unforeseen problems in their relationship, as he was suspicious of her behavior according to him.”