Lady moved to emotions as her boss gifts her a car in Port Harcourt (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the moment a female employee received a Toyota from her boss in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The young lady shed tears of joy while collecting the car documents from her employer in the presence of her co-workers.

Lady moved to emotions as her boss gifts her a car in Port Harcourt

She walked into the company compound at the resumption of work to meet the pleasant surprise as her colleagues and boss were waiting for her.

The colleagues were smiling while clapping and cheering but the new car owner could not believe her eyes. The lady and her eventually posed in front of the black coloured Toyota.

Watch video below:

In reaction, @Otisbilly_ wrote; Hardworking girl, na she work pass everybody for that offices. Congratulations sis 🤝 More grease to your knee cap 🧎‍♀️

@Nwafresh; If the boss is married, we should be expecting another video in few days time

@emrayiam; Good boss, good girl. Hope nothing more beneath than just a boss and employee

@KleshofAfricaa; Hope sey the boss single sha, and the employee dey single too. Because if not, Yam Pepper Scatter Scatter.

@floraD_explorer; Most times there is a background story to this. but no be my mouth una go hear am

@Im_GoingNorth; The male employees are not that great at their jobs I guess

@Ishow_leck; Many employees actually want this and it’s okay too but can you what she did to have deserved this? Ask yourself

@Emmydoofficiall; If na guy dey work for ram, we will not give him that car. Yes I’m sure

@kakalizlau01; And some people in this comments section or there will be thinking she has something doing with her boss before he can give her car as gift cuz she is not the only person working there, why not the boss give car as gift to any man there.