Lege Miami calls out Adeboye over inability of RCCG members to afford his university (Video)

Nigerian actor and matchmaker, Lege Miami has criticised General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye for not making his university affordable for his church members.

He said it is unfair that most of the RCCG members are unable to send their children to Redeemers University despite “building” it with their tithes and offerings and tithes.

Lege Miami calls out Adeboye over inability of RCCG Members to afford his university

The controversial online matchmaker who called out the clergyman in a video, claimed that a young boy had reached to him because he was unable to pay his school fees and when asked the church he attends, the boy revealed he is a Redeemite.

Lege Miami who was disappointed about the discovery, suggested that the church should permit its members attend for free and the money donated should be used to maintain the school.

His action of dragging the cleric however earned him so much backlash and he he later apologized for his statement but insisted that it must be said.

Watch him speak:

only1mafelz commented; hello, my mom has been a redeem member for over 20 years, you’re saying trash madam, even the scholarship of a thing are mostly for those pastors/ministers kids and members don’t have that opportunity. Imagine a member that’s always contributing to the church even in hard time can’t send her kids to Redeemer’s University, why the fuck should it be so expensive na and and we call it church. Is a church not where we should run to when we have issues especially health and education wise the church don’t follow the book of Matthew 11:28 at all.

Aside the school thing, do you know how common members suffer during August Holy Ghost congress program? No proper accommodation, you can’t even use the toilet cos they won’t allow you and they’re mostly reserved for pastors even their health care center is another thing I can’t even talk about. God should forgive me for this assumption but I think CHURCH IS JUST A BUSINESS CENTER and I think the government should also be taxing them and I think by that way it’ll reduce the amount of church we have in our communities this day.

the.show_1; Offerings and tithes should be used for God’s work, still want them to put this into free schools and everything free for y’all? Hell nah! A pastor that he his doesn’t stop him from being a business figure. Why so called Christians remain poor is that they think Christ will do the work for them but no, he will bless the works he meets at thy hands… Preach Love ❤️

_.tobiii; Lege is not wrong ….. the churches now are days are just oppressors to their members …. In cases like Rccg … MfM and the likes they don’t lay good example for other churches ….. where in a country where the church isn’t a place to help his poor members in time of need and in situations like education , giving to the needy or the members that can’t afford certain things but what do they do they keep taking from them.

A friend once told. Me that the most people you see in churches today are poor …. What happened to churches being a safe place for their members I personally stopped going to church in a long time because of so many obvious reasons

isiomaaaaa; People who attend redeem churches have the benefit of scholarship but a lot of y’all don’t know 🤦🏽‍♀️