Nigerian nurse reportedly leaves UK because of “too much” influx of Nigerians

A Nigerian man has shared the story of a nurse who left the United Kingdom and moved to the United States because of the migration of people from her country.

The narrator known as @Soulmedika said the lady relocated because she felt there was an excess influx of Nigerians into the UK.

He wrote; “Heard the story of a Nurse that decided to leave the UK for the US bcs she feels there is too much influx of Nigerian Nurses. That’s some sort of witchcraft if you critically look it. Like, you should be happy for having more community of your kind!”

The nurse’s actions generated mixed reactions from Nigerians.

@OduahIfeyinwa; I personally would do same.i didn’t leave Nigeria to be in Nigeria ,Infact it takes away why one left in the first place .So which one is witchcraft again in personal choices.

@dbaba79; Everyone has a right to move especially when they can afford it, she is only making a decision she believes is best for her, how is that witchcraft? The Nigerians when leave the rest of us for 9ja; why we no call them witches? Ya all can have funny takes sha 🤦🏾‍♂️

@weens_teen; But critically looking at the little information you’ve given us. Why is it witchcraft if she doesn’t want more community of her kind around her? What if she doesn’t want that? I mean she’s not blocking the road for anybody so let her do as she pleases.

@eltamaniRN; Africans make circa 4-6% of 🇬🇧 population. Our problem is we’re too loud and presumptuous.

@_Kaimaa; You can’t blame her. You dont know the kind of shege she has seen in the hands of Nigerians. That people are from the same community as yours doesn’t necessarily make them good people.

@AishaTheEmpres1; Nigerians are everywhere! No matter where you are, mind your business, obey rules/laws, pay your tax/bills, respect people, report suspicious behaviours/crimes, just contribute your quota to the development of your community.

@Chinons98972948; Only her knows what she has passed through from her fellow Nigerians so it’s better we respect her wish. I can probably do same just to peace of mind

@QHealthCentre; You can’t blame her. Na she know wetin her eyes see wey make her Japa comot her fellow Nigerians. Now una don come dey choke the UK again. I myself I’m beginning to doubt coming to UK sef, the place go soon become 3rd world country with the influx of Africans.