Nigerian lady whose fiancé cheated with his ex ruins his life after plotting payback for 4 months

A Nigerian lady known as Madam Ufuoma has revealed that she dealt with her ex-fiance when he cheated on her with his ex-lover.

She said that when she found out about his unfaithfulnes, she pretended not to be aware and hatched a plan to deal with him.

According to the young lady, the lady he cheated with had been sending her messages on Facebook, so she reached out to her and put the payback plan in motion.

Ufuoma said her fiance’s ex claimed that God revealed to her that the man was meant to be her husband, which is why she wanted to be with him.

In her words; My ex fiancee cheated on me with his “Ex”, I didn’t ask why, I didn’t scream, I just kept my cool because “Game on!”

His family loved me so much, his father loved me more because we speak the same language, he is not an Urhobo man, however, he worked in the Urhobo community long enough to understand Urhobo. We only communicated in Urhobo and it pained the others

Baba went to cheat on me and used a very stupid lie to cover up because he probably thought he was trying to convince a toddler that the sky is pink and not blue. Meanwhile, the babe had been sending me unsolicited messages on Facebook but I didn’t respond, I didn’t even mention to him that the night I called him, she picked up. I just stayed quiet and stayed put as a philandering fool would expect from a woman.

The father was the first person to notice and he asked me what was wrong, he said “the way you look at him has changed, is there a problem?”, I just told him I enjoyed every moment I spent with him, hugged him and left.

I finally responded to the other lady’s messages and asked her if she would like to have lunch with me. She was skeptical at first, she was telling me how the Holy Spirit told her that my fiancee was her designated husband, I totally agreed with her, who I’m I to question the Holy Spirit’s instructions because like I said, GAME ON!

We went out for lunch and from our conversation, I already knew she would ruin him, she’s a very good liar and dude ain’t that smart, so a match made in heaven indeed ☺️. I told her that if she truly wants to be with him, she should do what I asked her to do, first, I told her to convince him that I was cheating on him, and told her not to worry, I will give her evidence myself. She said but the problem is that, his family doesn’t like her, I told her God will do it. 😊

I went to a male friend, did a short video, few pictures with the date written on it, made it look like we were on a date and sent it to her. She sent it to him stating the Holy Spirit directed her to my Facebook page and I had mistakenly posted the videos and pictures, she downloaded it before I deleted them. He was so convinced that he confronted me with them and I told him to do what he wants. He broke up with me, went to his father and the father said “this doesn’t look like what Ufuoma would do, something is not right”.

When he “forgave” me, I refused to get back together with him. Within 1week, his immediate brother was asking me out on IMO. In his own words “My brother doesn’t know good things, I will treat you better, my brother is not wise”, and I kid you not, this dude started sending his d**k pics.

His elder sister tried talking me out of the breakup, I refused, his parents tried but with all due respect, I refused because if he can cheat now, he will kill me later in marriage, he knows how much I despise cheating, he knows me that well but still cheated on me, so NEVER!

He finally got back together with his “ex” whom he cheated on me with, and when I said she would ruin him, I was absolutely right. Seven months later, his younger sister messaged me on Facebook with “Siiiiiiissssssssssss!” I just called her immediately because I know it’s “tea” and I knew exactly what I planted before I took a bow.

She told me her elder sister would call me, the father will most likely call me too and invite me over for settlement but I should turn it down. The brother will call too but I should ignore him because there is trouble in paradise.

Big aunty doesn’t allow his father members to come to his house, she told him to cut his family off because they don’t like her and she doesn’t want them around, big aunty is a baller, big aunty doesn’t know two things about investment and returns.

Big aunty was always locking horns with the elder sister, it was so bad that they went physical and right now, uncle wants me back because his father has changed his name to “Fool”.

The house was on fire, his own house was on fire because the representative of the Holy Spirit had planted her feet there, she refused to move out.

When he contacted me, I asked him what happened to haunty? He said it doesn’t matter, it’s not important. Oh well, his sister already gave me all the tea sha. This dude was offering me trips and gifts, I told him how he is shooting himself in the leg by making things worse, he should know me better than this. Oga, what happened between you and hanty? Oga refused to tell me anything.

His elder sister called and invited me over to talk about it but I refused, told her I wasn’t around. His father called me under duress because he went straight to speaking Urhobo then switched to English . The father called me again later around almost midnight telling me not to allow anybody to pressurise me into accepting him back, he considers me to be his daughter and he would want his daughter to be with someone better, his son messed up and he understands me, and I do not have to accept him back. Let him suffer the consequences of his actions and learn.

I told huncle that getting back together won’t even be possible because his brother has been moving mad on IMO. He confronted his brother and the brother denied it but oh well, I have receipts, and I sent everything to him including his brother’s pns. Another kasala burst for house for one week the younger sister was giving me feedback and enjoying the show .

Huncle thought I would go ahead with the marriage because we’ve been together for long and I won’t back out. He didn’t expect me to move crazy like that. Hanty Holy Spirit went on a rampage on Facebook, telling me I tricked her. Tricked you ke, you said the Holy Spirit said something and I followed suit, we were both under the influence of the Holy Spirit who was manifesting through you 🥂

He was the one who insisted on a celibate relationship, he was the one who still cheated, we were together for 3yrs.

I have always been bat-shit crazy, never have I ever tolerated cheating and I never will. When it comes to Ufuoma, what you see is what you get, I said what I said and I mean what I say, if you test me patience because “we’ve gone far she can’t leave me”. Lmfao, a seed of destruction shall be planted before I leave, Karma doesn’t move fast enough.

6yrs later, I’m still friends with his sister and his father still loves me the same. When I was admitted in the hospital, his father sent gifts and called me daily. His mother still looks forward to spending time with me anytime I’m in Lagos. Daddy is offering to be my match maker because he knows a decent guy good enough for his daughter

At first I didn’t want to expose his brother, I even asked him if he thinks his brother was the type to go after his ex, and he said “yes, my brother is capable of doing just that, he doesn’t have shame, did he ask you out?” Well, since all bets were off, let everywhere scatter.

And oh, the cheating happened two weeks before his birthday, after he explained himself without evidence, on his birthday I still sent him gifts like I always do, I even added extra gifts.

That wasn’t me being nice, that was me getting his eyes off my tracks and giving him the “forgiving” woman impression, because I wanted the payback to marinate into his soul.

It took me 4 months to execute my plans accurately. The foolish holy spirit filled girl couldn’t wait until after marriage before showing herself and it pained me, I wanted them to get married but she just couldn’t keep her head down long enough, it pained me. Only his father noticed some changes and he kept asking but I refused to tell him anything because GAME ON!