Moment singer Chike smartly prevented police from extorting him at checkpoint (Video)

Nigerian singer, Chike has shared a video showing his encounter with a police officer whom he outsmarted at a checkpoint in Lagos state.

The artiste was driving from an unknown location at night when he reached a police checkpoint and was flagged to stop, but he did not give them chance to demand money.

Chike wound down his window and immediately asked the officer to give him something, but the policeman said he is the one who was supposed to share money being that he is a celebrity.

The ‘Watching Over Me’ crooner insisted that the security agent gives him money so that he can prove to Nigerians that the police can also be generous.

Seeing as he had been pinned down, the police officer then handed Chike N100 and said it is the little he had.

However, the singer returned the money and they laughed over the exchange before he continued his journey.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Ibrahim Kazeem, has narrated how police officers allegedly harrassed and extorted his friend, who works remotely.

He said his friend just moved to a new place in Ilorin, Kwara state, but because he always stays indoors to do some work, it raised suspicion.

Neighbours apparently reported the man to police, who then stormed his house to question him for always being inside.

He explained that he was a remote worker, but they did not believe there was any concept like ‘working from home’

According to Kazeem who narrated the incident on Twitter, his friend’s phone was seized to prevent him from further contacting his lawyer for help.

He wrote; ‘‘My friend moved to his house in the outskirts of Ilọrin 3 months ago. Police went to his home this morning that he was reported to be staying indoors 2much.

He told dem he’s a remote worker but they said there’s nothing remote about working. They took his phone so he won’t be able to follow up with his lawyer after reaching him.

They left him this night after harassing and extorting him. Even in your house, you can sit down and injure your neck(read in yoruba). A new low for the men in Aṣọ opo. Sigh.”

A tweep @khanofkhans11_ commented; Someone reported him smh

Kazeem @peng_writer replied; ”Walahi. New area o. I guess because he is the only one with light. 😀He run solar to his own home since there’s no electricity in that area yet.”

Other social media users shared similar experiences while some gave suggestions on how to prevent a reoccurrence.

@hodzoporium; This has been happening recently with remote workers & it boils down to misconduct by police officers due to unverified intel from supposed informants (neighbors).

It’s just a sad thing that the world moved already, but our people are still locked in Stone Age.

@oloriruby; He should carry a megaphone and curse them and their children very early in the morning. Move up and down the street like 7times, blessing them with heavy Yoruba curses. He should not forget to add that if another set of police comes to disturb him,the curses multiply by 100.

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