Drunk driver begs runaway passengers to re-enter his bus after he almost hit trailer (Video)

A commercial bus driver has been captured on tape begging his passengers to enter his bus after they alighted due to a near ghastly accident while heading to Ajah.

It was gathered that the man who is believed to have been intoxicated by alcohol, almost rammed the bus into a trailer on the road, but fortunately the disaster was averted.

However, all the passengers carried their bags and dropped from the bus when it stopped along Ibadan road, saying they did not wish to continue the journey with him.

The driver laid on the ground and begged them to reenter so they can continue their journey, as he explained that it was a silly mistake, but the remained adamant about boarding the vehicle again.

Watch video below:

Read some comments…

@MrXtrade; You see as the men no talk, don’t too believe them women. Na so them dey always shout at drivers for road trip

@tonsimo; My life first sir. I’ll continue the journey when you’re sober. For now, have some sleep sir.

@Shadrach1156; This is very risk, how will motor park union even

@Ishow_leck; I don’t know why their association don’t control these things. Many things that happen inside that garage, which tends to purring peoples lives at risk. But because they get paid for every turn. They tend to ignore them. Very bad association

@japhetho; The last time I travelled to abuja the driver was drunk, dude was practically sipping sachet hots as he drove so he does not sleep off. At some point sef he had to pack and sleep for some time then we continued the journey. Funny thing was me sef I follow am sleep as eh take break 😂😂

@CertifiedAnelka; This thing happened to me from Ibadan to Osogbo. We realized the driver was drunk when we got to Ashejire. We stopped him and the conductor drove the car to Osogbo. We beat that driver when we got to our destination cos d Werey wan carry us enter river 😂. Selling of alcohol be banned in car parks