Man shares ordeal after Nigerian police arrested him for trying to save drown victim

A Nigerian man has revealed that police arrested and detained him because he attempted to resuscitate someone that drowned.

He narrated how he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the victim, but when security personnel arrived they held him as a suspect.

The guy known as @MaziCoolcash on Twitter, said the incident happened last week and he spent three days in a police cell.

According to him, they seized his phone and nobody knew he was locked up in the cell within thosee 3 days. He said the accused him of compressing the person’s chest and killing him.

He wrote; “I spent 3 days in police cell last week because I executed cpr on a drowning victim. Already drowned, I explained to them I don’t work there but I am a certified first aider, yet, they locked me up and ceased my phone, nobody knew I was in cell. They said I compressed his chest and killed him.”

In other news…

A Nigerian businessman earlier recounted his disheartening encounter with some rogue police officers that extorted him while he was traveling.

He revealed that the officers forcefully extorted the sum of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) from him despite not finding any incriminating evidence on him.

The entrepreneur said incident occurred along Ogbaku/Ihiala road while he was on his way to Lagos from Aba in Abia State. He said the police officers attached to the Ogbaku division of the Imo State Police Command stopped the vehicle he was travelling in and searched him after they forced him to unlock his mobile phone and searched through the contents.

When they could not find anything incriminating on his phone, the security agents then accused him of looking like a wanted member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and asked him to pay the sum of N20,000 before he would be released.

The victim narrated; “I was held hostage by team of pol!cemen on gunpoint who said I looked like a wanted IPOB member. They later asked me to transfer money to them. For my safety, I had to transfer N20,000 to a money point account bearing Lady J Chevron POS Store with account number.

“I wasn’t the only one arrested and accused of being an IPOB member. They removed their name tag, they came from Ogbaku police station in Imo State. No name was written in the car they brought, it’s a small car they used.”