Man who slept with friend’s 1st wife caught trying to sleep with his 2nd wife (Video)

A Zimbabwean man who lives in South Africa has been captured on tape begging for forgiveness after it was discovered that he is having a romantic affair with his friend’s first wife.

The middle-aged resident was also caught trying to sleep with the man’s second wife and that was when the police was called to get him arrested.

Man who slept with friend’s 1st wife caught trying to sleep with his 2nd wife

A video which has gone viral shows him kneeling down and asking for a chance to repent while surrounded by a group of people. The South African police service were also seen standing by.

The man’s friends and relatives could be heard expressing disappointment over the Zimbabwean man’s action. They wondered how he got the audacity to sleep with his friend’s first wife and attempted doing same with the 2nd.

The visible angry group chastised the erring man for his grievous wrongdoings and insisted that he must pay a fine for his transgression.

Watch video below:

In reaction, stephi.grams wrote; The man with two wives feels cheated on??? 😮 Make it make sense

loveth_ubuz; He might be on kolos, because this is not normal

abuja_special_; I reject this kind of friendship button 👉🏻

ellapearl_ex; Did he force them? They are matured to make sensible decision.

empressinteriors1; This one pass my comprehension. Did they say he was trying to sleep with the 2nd wife too? This one can poison the friend cos wtf??? 😬

_______lonewolf; But, Shey na force he force the woman ni?

_peaceful_baddie; Why do I think that the first wife told the second wife that he have a nice crayon and she wanted to try 🤔

monal_ia; And you have your own wife o, but instead of being contented you went ahead to covet your neighbor’s property 🤦🏼‍♀️

heleneneoche; If no be greedy u greedy on top person tin, y u go sleep with two of ur friend wives.