Speed Darlington accuses mother’s sister of threatening to kill him over family land (Video)

Nigerian rapper and singer, Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington, has called out his aunty for allegedly threatening his life over a dispute regarding the family land.

The internet sensation said had asked his mother’s sister to bring down the church she built on a land which belongs to him, but she refused and instead issued him death threats.

Speed Darlington accuses mother's sister of threatening to kill him over family land

In the video he shared online, Speed Darlington, who is a native of Arondizuogu in Imo state, revealed that the woman whom he identified simply as Chinasa, took over the land shortly after he travelled to the United States in 2001.

He recounted how the land was allocated to him in 1996 when he was still a boy, the and claimed that Chinasa has been holding meetings, hatching plans for his death.

Speed Darlington, however, said he wonโ€™t die before her because sheโ€™s older than him and if she moves on with the plan against him, he would be forced to seek other diabolic means to defend himself.

Watch video below:

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