Man shares how he unexpectedly landed under Oshodi bridge after 21 years in US (Video)

A Nigerian man who graduated from a university in the United Kingdom has shared a chilling story of how his life crumbled and he found himself back in Nigeria.

He revealed that he studied Banking and Finance in the UK and but moved to the United States to work and spent 21 years.

According to the man who recounted his ordeal during a radio interview, he suddenly found himself under Oshodi bridge in Lagos when things fell apart.

Man Oshodi bridge 21 years

He revealed that he spent 9 years in London before moving to America, where he had a dream that he was flying and saw some signboards which read ‘Welcome to Bahamas’ (where he usually went for vacation).

He further narrated how he saw another signboard with the inscription ‘Welcome to London’ and then Welcome to Africa, and yet another which said ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’

The troubled man said he woke up from the dream shouting Nigeria deliriously and his family were worried about his mental state so they took him to a hospital in California.

He added that after his release from the hospital, they put him on a plane back to Nigeria where his older siblings picked him up from the airport and took him to Yaba Psychiatric hospital, Lagos.

The US-returnee said that he was dumped there and the hospital management had to send him out because no family or friend was was coming to handle his admission fees and upkeep.

According to the man, he began sleeping under Oshodi bridge, until a day came when the police were chasing the less privileged people that were staying under the bridge.

He said the police poked him with their gun, asking who he is, and in that moment, he regained a bit of his sanity and much to the shock of the police officers, he told them that he’s from America.

On the attempts at finding a solution for him, he said that he had been taken to a mountain where he spent six years being delivered.

Watch him speak: