Man proposes marriage as girlfriend leads praise and worship in church (Video)

A young man created an interesting scene when he decided to propose to his girlfriend in church while she was leading praise and worship.

In a video which is circulating on social media, she was in the spirit when her man walked up to the stage from behind and knelt down.

The lady was still engrossed in the worship session that she did not realise what was happening even as the voices of the congregation grew louder.

Propose to girlfriend praise and worship

Her man was holding a ring in his hand as she continued to sing praises, until a minister had to tap her so that she could turn around. When she saw her boyfriend kneeling, she immediately ran off in disbelief and shock.

On a big screen, the words “Will You Marry Me” were boldly written. Those at the religious event kept chanting “say yes” until the lady came back and hugged her man.

Watch the video:

beautician_klizzy; Love ❤️ is beautiful if you find the right person for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

the_deebie; I don dey sing praise and worship since these days oo..Let me just continue, maybe man go see me,it is well 🥲🚶🚶

itz.henry__; Why women go first run before coming back to say yes and this days the scream alone will not let you say all what you had in mind 😍😍😂😂

hampersbymj; It’s the best man for me 😂 he was so keen on making everything do well 😂 👏

jay_wande; Those that want this type of joy, I pray that an everlasting joy will not elude in Jesus name, the God of 11th hour will surprise you and give you ur desired lot.

monarch_of_lagos; So na the update be this ?!! Cele church dey my street o.. Oya nao , tomorrow na me and their choristers 😍

jakyeosaretin; Is it’s proper to do these things during worship services, I keep asking ?

lucky_izzyy; The sister see shout she think say her voice the carry Holy Spirit waka 😂 he da put more energy 😂.