Man breaks up with fiancée on day of pre-wedding photoshoot

A Nigerian lady has remembered the unexpected heartbreak she experienced at the hands of her ex-fiancée.

She revealed in a TikTok story that her man broke up with her through the phone on the day of their pre-wedding photoshoot.

The young lady shared a throwback video from the day of the photoshoot which captured when she got the breakup call from her.

Man breakup phone

She, however, said that she still went ahead with the shoot because the photographer and makeup artist already shoot up.

In the video clip, she was dressed in a traditional attire and gele, and she tried not to cry so she doesn’t ruin the makeup.

According to her, at some point the photographer started complaining about how red her eyes were as a result of her fighting back tears.

Man dump fiancée pre wedding

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@OMOYORUBA0; If everybody is going to buy this lie, I won’t… no one on earth can feel that relax or comfortable after you have been give sack letter when you are about to receive salary and you didn’t do anything

@OurDaddy_; This can’t be real Because how tf is she so strong and calm about it. I would have been crying into buckets

@cutemorhii; She’s shattered like this Just that she’s strong that’s why she can still hold on with the shoot Heei God

@lzexchange; Lies,they’ve broken up with you but you still went ahead with the photoshoots ?

@Sir_Blezene; From Bridal Photoshoot to Bridal Showpiece, So she didn’t cry only bcos of the makeup? 😏

@LeoTheeAce; From this, I believe they were not going to last being together. Doesn’t seem they lived as an actual couple. They were only partly committed to each other.