Makeup artist reportedly nabs fiancé red-handed in bed with another man in Owerri

A Nigerian man, Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy, has narrated how his female friend caught her fiancé of six months cheating on her in Owerri, Imo state.

The lady, a makeup artist came home from work and walked in on him cuddled up in bed with another man.

Nnamdi who shared the story on Facebook, said the guy proposed to her in March and they have been dating for five years. He also revealed that the distraught lady called him on the phone, crying bitterly because of what happened.

In his words; “My female friend just called me, her voice filled with tears, heartache echoing through her words. She was shouting, screaming, the pain evident in every sentence. I tried to console her, to coax the words out of her trembling lips, but all she could repeat was, “I can’t, I can’t.oooo

I pressed on, wanting to understand, but she remained resolute in her refusal to reveal more. Her friend, who was there with her, eventually took the phone, and it was from her that I learned the devastating truth.

She walked in on her boyfriend, the man who had proposed to her and set a date for March, was entwined with another man, both of them naked. Her friend recounted that the boyfriend, far from being caught, paid no attention to her intrusion with a nonchalance attitude.

He instead questioned her audacity to barge into “their” house without knocking. Yes, “their” house because while he may have financed it, she had invested in the properties in it and n the furnishings that transformed it into a home.

This woman, a gifted makeup artist in Owerri, finds herself grappling with betrayal on an unfathomable level. I know the man in question though.

They have courted for about 5yrs if I’m not mistaken, she’s a prominent figure in the city, her talents known far and wide. The city of Owerri will soon hear the narrative, as the noise of this heart-wrenching incidentis already spreading like wildfire.

I’ve already heard that people have congregated in the compound, and shouting in disbelief and shock as people kept saying is that why men always visited him. The lady kept shouting in the background “God this is a dream ooo””