Lady says she’ll allow her husband have one side chic

A young lady has sparked a debate on social media after she said that she will be open to allowing her future husband get just a single side chic.

The woman known as @MetjahLeague on Twitter said the reason for granting such an open marriage is so that she can entertain him when she’s not in the mood to give him a listening ear and perform other duties.

She said that they are free to do anything and she does not want to know about the details of their intimacy but it is on the condition that the mistress won’t get pregnant.

She, however, said that she can permit the lady to have a baby for her hubby when she reaches menopause.

The lady wrote: “I want my husband to openly have 1 side, to entertain him when I’m bored and listen to his problems.

I don’t even wish to know what they get up to as long as she doesn’t fuck around and/ get pregnant. She’s allowed to get pregnant when I reach menopause though.”

A tweep @Lonwabomatya asked; How about polygamy? Or don’t you want an arrangement that formal. Does the same apply to you, in terms of the side?

@MetjahLeague replied; Too formal. Maybe at a later stage.

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@WenzyROyal; One thing people don’t understand, this is her life choice not group work. If that’s the type of marriage she wants, it has no impact if you want your marriage to be different. Difference is what makes life interesting and relationships all look different.

@Thapelo24; I still can’t believe that they said you can talk about amapiano and Kabza

@shali_bee; Then she turns into your sister wife and now he’s spending more time with her than you. When you need him umuntu athi “but you know where I am” 😭Aowa! And yes she will have his baby and he will pursue more than 1 because Where’s the fun if he has permission 🤚🏽

@The_real_2melo; I hear and respect your view. However why do we not try to uphold the morality, respect and dignity that is associated with being married rather than trying to “accommodate”/“accept”/“justify” infidelity? Lets preach to married men and women to respect their union.

sfisomnisi290; Every time I heard a woman say this,she had a secret side she liked more than the main so equalled the field by letting hubby have a side too…………but you just open minded and willing to try new things,I see you.

@Just_Lerato; Pregnancy yona? Your kids will share their home with kids that aren’t yours when you die. HIV? If she has another partner then you’re on 3 sexual partners instantly

@Siya_ZAR; Its funny how everyone be wishing to have a loyal husband & they still getting husbands with multiple women and now u wish for an honest man who will cheat on your own terms if he does (you rather mitigate the risk than exposing yourself to unknown risks) they are all pressed

@QueOrSomething; To me this screams lack of self worth but it’s non of my business thou

@AmahleLamila; Keep this mentality my daughter, it will help your marriage big time in future, alot of women are in denial thinking that a man wont cheat on you, it might not be during the 1st 5years of marriage, but once those titties sag, and that body changes, believe me you, his gon cheat

@tamzindungu; Men are going to have sides regardless of whether you want it openly or secretively, they don’t need your permission, and him choosing how to go about it will have absolutely nothing to do with you as their reasons for having them have nothing to do with you in the first place.

@EinsteinL; I hope the day I have kids, my daughters will have the confidence and self-esteem to walk away from such things.

@KeithTopG; It’s already happening, you might as well make it official and demand parties in it to be more responsible and considerate.