Lady cries out in confusion as husband files for divorce after she slapped his mum

A woman has taken to social media to seek advice from the online community after her husband initiated moves to divorce her because she assaulted his mother.

She said that her mother-in-law visited them for omugwo but ever since she arrived it has been one chaos or the other in their home.

The distraught lady revealed that they got into a heated argument which led to the woman slapping her and she retaliated, but this angered her husband so much that he filed for divorce without delay.

She shared her dilemma with a Facebook relationship advisor, Racheal Mel, saying her husband told her that he cannot stay with someone who laid hands on his mum.

According to her, the man has already told her to leave their matrimonial home and she knows that once that happens he will never welcome her back so she is thinking of getting some of their people involved to help resolve the situation.

The married woman wrote; “Please mummy they are ganging up on me please share for me now. Is getting hotter here. My mum In-law that came for omugwo has scattered my peaceful home.

“The thing is that me and her entered argument and she mentioned my mum did not train me not to reply adults when they are talking and I told her what did her own mum teach her that she is here to cause problems and she stood up and slapped me and I revenge. She is not my mum and have no right to slap me.

“This made my husband file for a divorce outrightly, that he can never stay with someone that raised hands to his mum. But she did not explain the truth that made him so angry. I want to know if I should involve people because he is also saying I should leave the house and I know my husband once I leave he won’t ever look back, he has been a good partner but see what his mum caused. I need advise urgently let me know what steps to take I beg you”.

In response to the lady’s post, a man with username @Kene_Nnewi, wrote; “Some of you young women are very useless…. Your mother’s in-law talked to you and you have guts to talk at her back? Ina Apu Ara? She slapped you becos you raised your voice at her and you get mind slapped her back? Well na vegetables dey marry una…..

“If there’s misunderstanding with your mother’s in-law…. don’t talk back at her..wait until your husband comes back..Go to your room…sit down with your husband and tell him what happened….He do things the right way as the head of the family…If I come back and head my mum slapped you and you slapped back.… you definitely have two options to choose one….. Mortuary or coma…”

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