Lady begs ex-boyfriend to take her back after he bought car (screenshots)

A young man known as Davies, has said that his ex-girlfriend indicated interest in getting back together after finding out that he bought a car.

He celebrated the purchase of his new whip on his WhatsApp status and on seeing the photo, his ex, Oyinlola, asked him if he was actually the owner.

Davies confirmed to her that he owns the car and she congratulated him on the win. The lady pleaded with him for them to reunite but he declined and insisted that they can only be friends or just friends with benefits.

In a series of WhatsApp chat he posted on Twitter, the lady expressed sadness and disappointment that he was not eager to get back with her.

Oyinlola also reminded him that after breaking up, she cheated on her new boyfriend with him. But he maintained his position that they can never date again.

Sharing the screenshots Davies wrote, “Not my Ex trying to get back to me coz i just bought a car”

Read the chats:

Lady beg ex-boyfriend

In reaction, @_____JOHKER commented; Guy obviously you still love her I swear just take her back all these one no necessary I relate olorun after you take her back now uno go tell us again forget bro we be human
@boy_vichy; Any girl wea dea bear oyin fear dem 😓

@Naija_Analyst; “I even cheated on my boyfriend for you” Top notch gaslighting

@jaurouh; So tell us what happened at the end? Don’t leave us in dark, Are you two good now

@benzymeter; Women will always be women. Mind your ways around her bro. That gender is capable of doing the unthinkable.