Businesswoman stirs reactions as she advertises waist beads single ladies can use to snatch men (Watch video)

A Nigerian entrepreneur and aphrodisiacs’ seller has set tongues wagging after taking to social media to advertise attraction waist beads for women.

She said the beads can be used by single women to attract other people’s husbands, fathers and married woman can also use it to make their husbands find them attractive.

In a video which has gone viral, the woman said that once ladies wear the beads around their waist and attend events, people will be rushing to get to know them.

According to her, the attraction waist beads does not need advertisement but she decided to market it because it was out of stock.

She said that she was wearing three of the beads while talking in the clip and it works very well for people who need it.

Watch the clip below:

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@iam__temmyy;If this so called attraction waist bead works for real, it’d wicked for anyone to patronize it. This would cause a father to abandon his family. You won’t just snatch someone’s father and husband, but you’d ruin his entire life and that of his family. This is evil!

@chris72859829; See how it is easily advertised with no issues,let a man come out to advertise a product that you will use on women to influence their thinking and make them fall head over heels for you and it won’t take up to 2 weeks the whole twitter feminist will be calling for his arrrest

@bohlabakes; Person wey them use this for,if him eyes open after…..he go too beat the babe blue black🤣,girl wey go use for her own hubby too still Dey heaven

@NonyeKings; Those things are fake as fvck. If they worked one Nigerian lady would have Elon, Bezos & Tim inside her pockets. Is it not what Jaruma was doing that year. She’ll tell them it’s millions of dollars & when they pay that’s how she gets rich. If these worked I promise you, I won’t share it, I’ll keep it to myself.

@Don_TEE; Why is it that jazz for women is never for them to make money, but to attract men or men that have already made money?

@MercyE__; Everything is about men! You won’t do attraction waist bead on how to attract coding or Cybersecurity to enter women’s head and attract international recruiters to rush them

@Uyoyoghene_; It’s the fact that you think this has not and is not currently happening. This is why they tell you to be prayerful and also have self control. It’s easy for these things to work on you as a man if you sef no fit control your preek because your promiscuity is an open door.

@honeychukwu; Waist bead to get a man so he would spend on you. Why not make one that would give a lady her own money without having to sleep with a married man? Keep deceiving desperate people.