Anybody can collect – Reactions as female soldier cries after suffering heartbreak (Video)

A Nigerian army woman has been seen in a trending video shedding tears of sadness after getting her heart broken by a mystery man.

The lady simply known as Gracy hopped on a TikTok trend to share sketchy details of how she suffered at the hands of a man she gave a chance.

The female soldier showed the transition phase of when she decided to reply a DM from someone, whose identity she kept anonymous, however, in a latter part of the clip she could be seen crying.

Gracy did not reveal what happened but she gave the impression that the matter ended on a sad note.

See the clip and reactions below:

@ManlikeMikeey; So dem don break soldier heart. Military style….omòoo

@Hyalex0; Wati specha? Breakfast na national cake

@pips_daily; If you have a heart that pumps blood 🩸, it will be broken into pieces, and you will be heartless

@Snooww001; Anybody can collect at any giving time

@misi_theboy; Lmao soldier na human being Abeg 😂

@PadrinoDebo; @optama I’m sure it’s one of those bicycle guys(as you dey always talk am) do this one.

In other news…

A Nigerian man has revealed that he ended his relationship and got a reward of 204,000 because his girlfriend cheated on him first.

The guy known as Gospel said they had an arrangement when they just started dating that every month they will be putting 6000 each into a joint account.

He said that it was a sort of insurance in case any of them cheats on the other, then the victim would take any amount that is in the account at the time of the unfaithful act.

After dating for two years and eight months, the lady slipped and ended up cheating, so that meant that the total amount saved in 34 months went to the guy.

Gospel shared the story on microblogging platform, and got a plethora of reactions from netizens who found the agreement intriguing.

He wrote; “I got #204,000 because my girlfriend cheated on me. When our relationship started we deposited a monthly #6000 each into a joint account during relationship and made a policy that whoever gets cheated on, will walk away with all the money. That is Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF).”