Why I’m still living with my mum at 34 – Anthony Joshua

Former World Boxing Association (WBA) champion, Anthony Joshua has revealed that he still lives with his mother at the age of 34.

In 2017, the British-Nigerian boxer returned to his mother’s two-bedroom former council apartment after his £15 million win against Wladimir Klitschko.

Joshua live with mother

In a recent chat with Louis Theroux about his tight ties with his family, Joshua stated that it would be difficult for his prospective partner to get him to move out.

He also said that whoever decides to marry him would have to accept the fact that she is marrying his family as well.

“I still live with my mum. In our culture, we grew up in our own family home, we support our parents. Why am I going to move out and leave my mom by herself, for some girl? Family is the most important thing. When a girl gets with me, she ain’t just marrying me, she is marrying my family,” Joshua said.

Meanwhile, in another news…

Nigerian actor and night life influencer, Idowu Adeyemi, professionally known as Yhemolee, has said that his parents’ seperation almost ruined him and his sister’s lives.

He said their parents separated when they were still young, so he had to take up the responsibility of sponsoring himself and his sister through school.

Yhemo Lee, who often brags about his nightlife expenses, said; “I saw myself and my sister through school. They [our parents] separated at a point when they could have damaged our lives.

“My parents were well-to-do. I mean, I went to one of the best schools at that time. But they left us all of a sudden.”

The singer added that he reunited his parents during his mum’s birthday last year and even took them clubbing. He said they are on good terms now.