My decision not to have children isn’t due to infertility – 68-yr-old former boxer, Bash Ali

Former World Boxing Federation (WBF) Cruiserweight champion, Bashiru Lawrence Ali aka Bash Ali, says infertility is not the reason he doesn’t have children.

The 68-year-old explained that he prefers to live without kids and his choice arises from a personal philosophy and deep seated belief of life being a solitary journey.

My decision not to have children isn't due to infertility - Bash Ali

Bash Ali disclosed this in a recent interview, noting that he does not “want to bring children into a world that I perceive to be harsh and unforgiving”.

In his words; “I chose not to have children because I prefer it that way, though it’s not due to infertility but my decision not to have children stems from a deep-seated belief and personal philosophy. I see life as a solitary journey; I came into this world alone, and I wish to depart from it in the same manner.

I do not want to bring children into a world that I perceive to be harsh and unforgiving, where they will inevitably have to face the process of death. This perspective has shaped my outlook.

However, I have chosen to lead an energy life, often engaging in activities that others may find unconventional; my unique approach to life extends to my eating habits. I have chosen to eat only once a week, on Saturdays. My diet for the rest of the days consists primarily of water and groundnuts.”

Meanwhile, in another news…

CorrectNG recalls that the ex-pro boxer, Bas Ali recently lamented over his financial decline which saw him go from a dollar millionaire to a broke retiree.

He marked his 68th birthday on 27th February and reflected on his life when he was still active in the sport, got rich and later suffered a huge hit to his career. He claimed that he lost it all because he chose to stand against corruption.

Bash Ali, however, did not sulk over the unfortunate turn of events as he mentioned his goals and vowed to change his current situation for the better.

He wrote in part: “For 17 years I struggled in VAIN to host in my country, Nigeria my Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight because I was BOLD to say NO to CORRUPTION in Sport in particular and in Nigeria in general.

In 17 years, I went from being a MILLIONAIRE in DOLLARS to a ZERONAIRE in NAIRA. In 17 years I was BEATEN and INJURED that I had to be admitted twice and treated at the National Hospital in Abuja.

In 17 years I was DETAINED 8 times at various POLICE STATIONS in Abuja. In 17 years I was once detained at KUJE PRISON for 43 days.

I went through hell in my country not because I am a CRIMINAL but because I say NO to CORRUPTION. Despite JUICY offers to fight OUTSIDE of Nigeria I NEVER GAVE UP ON MY DREAM to fight in Nigeria and I NEVER GAVE UP on Nigeria.”