Painter vanishes with money family member transferred to him for business transaction

A Nigerian man known as Sir Jarus has raised an alarm after a family member who works as a painter absconded with funds sent to him for business transactions.

He said that he gave the boy the job as a painter after learning of how he was struggling at a factory where he worked as a foreman.

The benefactor decided to give him accommodation, gave him a job in his company and put him on monthly stipend apart from the work salary.

Sir Jarus, however, said when money was transferred to him for a paint job he disappeared with it and is nowhere to be found.

He expressed regret for helping the boy, thinking he was uplifting a family member even as other relatives warned him about the boy.

Sir Jarus wrote; This boy (family member) that I thought was suffering from the Indian factory he was working in Sango Otta, brought him to my house, gave him a room, gave him job in my personal company, put on personal monthly stipend (apart from work salary), has run away with money I transferred to his account for a transaction.

Someone I will catch. Customs, Police, private security tracker, telco, every means to get him.

Not even worried. Ewon e ma gun to bayi.

Sponsored his work graduation (aka freedom)

Sponsored his walima

Gave him painting jobs for my Kwara homes because that was the trade he learned

Was planning to co-award him painting contracts in Lagos

Never seen such betrayal! He is a walking prisoner! Close family members warned me against him but I just can’t stand my relative doing 7am – 7pm warehouse foreman job in an Indian factory for 32k per month!

Hence, the decision to bring him close again! He is a walking prisoner at this moment! Even if he has escaped to Cotonou.

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