Nigerian lady shares drama that ensued for refusing to cook for her father, brother after her mum moved out

A Nigerian lady has recounted the drama that ensued in her family after her mother moved out of the home for work-related purposes.

She bragged about rebbeling against her people as the first daughter who had the responsibilities of a parent heaped on her despite being the child.

The 23-year-old lady said her mother rented an apartment for herself so she could be closer to her work place, but it meant that she was left to stay with her father and brother.

However, there were times that her mother called her because they were complaining that she was refusing to cook for her dad and sibling, but gave them a stern rule of either cooking for themselves or end up starving.

The young woman known on Twitter as @BigBadReni said this happened in 2020, when she was 18 years old and trying to focus on her online classes.

She further explained how her insistence on not cooking for either of them forced both her dad and brother to learn how to cook for themselves.

In her words; “I started rebelling against this first daughter shit in 2020. My mom got an apartment so she could be closer to work, so I was home with my dad and brother.

She called me one time BC my father complained that I don’t cook, and then she told me that I’m supposed to take her spot When she’s not around. I have never been that confused in my life. Take your place as how? Na me go marry or what?

I was 18 fighting online classes for my life. From that point I just stopped cooking entirely. I wouldn’t leave my room before 2PM either. All man for himself. My brother too went to call her that I don’t cook anything, Yen Yen Yen.

At that point I increased pressure. I started buying coke for only me. When my mom came back she taught my brother how to fry plantain, and my father started cooking too. Now my brother does not need anybody to cook for him, I don’t do that shit either. If you can’t cook, starve.”