How woman sacrificed her kids after nabbing her unfaithful husband – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian Twitter user with the handle, @miss_she_du has narrated a chilling story of how a woman reacted irrationally after catching her husband cheating.

She said the wife discovered the hotel where her husband took his secret lover and she went there to meet him while making sure he saw her before she stormed out.

Sadly, according to miss_she_du, the woman had three kids for the man, and she took all of them to a bridge where she threw them over.

The lady wrote; “I just heard one of the most painful and cruel stories ever in my life. A woman caught her husband cheating. She already had 3 kids for him.

She followed him to the hotel that he was and made sure he saw her. So she left the hotel without saying a word. She went home and carried her 3 kids then threw them over the bridge into the water and left them to die.”

The Twitter user added that the wife explained that she sacrificed their children intentionally because her hubby was much older than her and he will find it hard to start having kids again at his age.

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How woman sacrificed her kids after nabbing her unfaithful husband - Twitter user

In other news…

A Nigerian lady identified as Geraldine Peters has admitted to cheating on her ex-boyfriend with the man that became her husband.

She said he made his intentions known to her and she initially informed him about her relationship status. When he insisted, she no longer minded the fact that she had a boyfriend so she gave conditions for him to also become her man and he accepted.

According to Geraldine, she is now married to the side boyfriend and does not regret cheating on her ex. She said that she is proud of the decision she took because some boyfriends are just there to waste someone’s time while still cheating on the woman.

Geraldine shared her story in reaction to a Twitter influencer that wrote; The worst line to say to a Woman when trying to woo her is “Pls give me a chance” You done sell yourself less already gee

She said; “You guys & all these standards that hardly works. Do you think you know the billions of women in the world and how they think?, you think every women in the world reacts same?😒. My husband pleaded for a chance when I told him I have a boyfriend, I gave conditions & he accepted.”