Nigerian lady reveals she stopped attending church due to its refusal to bury her father over outstanding dues

A Nigerian lady has recounted the sequence of events which involved her late father that made her to stop attending church.

She said that when he passed and were preparing for burial, the church insisted that her family pays off her deceased father’s outstanding dues before they can bury him.

They lady known on Twitter as @Miss_ezeani shared her touching story on the microblogging while reacting to a question which asked netizens why they decided to stop going to church.

She revealed that her dad was an ardent churchgoer, contributed immensely to the church, but when he fell ill, the sickness had badly drained their finances.

According to her, the church knew about his sickness and financial struggle, but it did not stop them from demanding that her family pay off his outstanding dues.

@miss_ezeani wrote;

My father died, they threatened not to bury him until we paid off his outstanding.

-He’d been a very active member from before I was born.

-He loved church, crazy. He’d rather be wheeled to church dying than skip a Sunday.

-He contributed immensely, EVERY way.

-Everyone was aware his illness drained our bank, thus, outstanding dues.

Yet… Amongst other things anyway but this was the last straw.

Meanwhile in other news…

Award-winning Nigerian singer, Simi, has revealed that she used to be a gospel artiste, but she dumped the genre due to low performance pay.

She said that whenever she goes to churches to sing, she would receive as low as N5,000-10,000 and the highest she was ever paid then was N70,000.

Simi made this disclosure this while appearing as a guest on MTV Base Africa’s Official Naija Top 10 programme.

The ‘Smile For Me’ singer revealed that at some point she stopped singing because she wasn’t making enough money from gospel music to pay for studio sections and song promotions. She also said lack of finances, made her accept a deal with a record label that she regretted signing till today.

Simi said; “I actually used to go to a lot of churches to perform. They will pay me like N5k, N10k. Do you know the highest amount of money I actually collected when I was doing gospel [music]? N70,000. And I felt like I had arrived. I still paid a 10 per cent tithe from the money.”