My husband who can’t satisfy me in bed is busy satisfying other women – Wife laments bitterly

A Nigerian woman has called out her husband for being unable to perform his bedroom duties impressive and still having mistresses.

She revealed ho she discovered he was cheating on her after she stumbled on some deleted folders on his phone.

The distraught wife said the took some pictures with his phone and asked him for it so tht she could retrieve them.

She accidentally deleted one of his photos, so she went to the bin to restore them back to the images folder and saw many pictures of him with different women.

She took to anonymous messaging platform, NGL to cry out about the discovery and wondered how someone who could not satisfy her in bed was doing that for other women.

According to the woman, it hurst so much because she remained faithful despite his shortcomings.

She wrote; “I took pics with my husbands phone told him to unlock it so I can get my pics n he did, I mistakenly deleted a picture I liked so I had go to recycling bin to get it back.

I saw nxkvd pics of my husband with his mistresses, screenshoted chats. Someone who doesn’t satisfy me yet, I’ve been faithful.”

In other news, a nurse helped her husband secure employment for a lady without realising she has been his mistress for a long time.

He reportedly asked his wife to get a job for a female friend at the hospital where she works, and she did so thinking the lady was just a friend.

The wife and side chic were both working on the same floor at the hospital, and while the married woman was unaware that the friend was her husband’s mistress, other lady knew that the woman who got her the job was her sugar daddy’s wife.

Drama started after her 90-day probationary period elapsed and the side chic announced to everyone that she was dating her helper’s husband.

The story was shared on TikTok by a co-worker known as Junurse who narrated how the side chic started going round in the hospital telling people that the nurse’s marriage is not solid like she claims.

According to Junurse, the mistress has photos and chats proving that he is indeed having an affair with the woman’s husband.

The side chic, who is a tech said she is not afraid of the nurse and she declared that there is nothing she can do to her now that she knows the truth.

However, the woman has not uttered a word on the matter and she has remained calm ever since her husband’s mistress revealed their secret.