Man gushes over his wife-to-be who’s going into her 30s as a virgin (Video)

A young couple have stirred controversy on social media after revealing personal details about intimate moments in their relationship.

The lady revealed that she is almost 30 yet she is still a virgin, however, she confessed that she engaged in other promiscuous activities.

Meanwhile, the man known as Pastor Timothy Bayonne, appreciated her for keeping her virginity until time for marriage, which is hopefully soon.

Speaking together in a viral video, she said that she abstained from having sexual intercourse. When she asked him how he feels about marrying a virgin, he said that he feels blessed and happy, knowing that his fiancée will only share intimate moments with him.

The clergyman, who disclosed that he is not a virgin, described being with a virgin as a blessing and confessed that he had doubts whether God would grant him such a blessing.

Watch the video below:

Social media users shared their thought on the soon to be wedded couple’s revelation.

@JayCartere; “I was promiscuous in my past, I would do everything but”. If the point of keeping her virginity is for “purity” She lost that ages ago

@MulhollandL0ver; My wife was a virgin when we got together. Her virginity is what attracted me. Strong traditional men such as myself, we seek out women who are very modest good women. Now we did break up for 5 days a few years ago and she did “meetup” with my employer so she has been with only one other man besides me. But in 2023, a woman with just one or two sexual partners is the best you can do. I won

@naturalboifilmz; One beautiful thing about virgin women is, they still have their emotions in order, if you’re a good loving man, loving them will become easy for you, and you’ll have the best relationship/marriage with them.

@Oyebanji_akins; I hope both of you endure the pressure that comes with revealing your personal secrets to the media. However, in today’s world, relationships or marriages are not solely valued based on one’s virginity. While it’s a positive aspect, this generation doesn’t place as much importance on it. What truly matters is building a future together. Lastly, I noticed that “Idan” seemed a bit nervous while expressing himself. May God bless your home.