Man claims his friend is pregnant for lecturer she sleeps with for good grades

A South African student has taken to social media to reveal that a course mate and friend of his is allegedly pregnant for their lecturer.

He revealed last year that she’s been sleeping with him in order to get good grades and at the time he thought she was lucky as they would be getting As.

The student known as @mizar, however gave an update in July 2023, that the girl has been impregnated.

He first tweeted in September 2022; “So my friend is banging our lecturer, some people are luckier than others. This ma’fxxker gonna get straight A’s”

In the recent tweet, Mizar wrote; She’s pregnant. 😭

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In other news…

A South African lady, Didi Mmethi has shared an unbelievable story about a web of deceit, unfaithfulness ad chaos that was recently unleashed in her family.

She revealed that her sister who got married to an abusive husband slept with his younger brother while her husband was away. According to her, that affair resulted in a pregnancy, but her hubby never knew that she child was not his.

However, he found out two weeks ago and all hell broke loose, but the drama got more complicated because it was also revealed that the affected man slept with his own brother’s wife. Didi shared the story on microblogging platform, Twitter, while responding to a tweet that read; “What is your family’s wildest current scandal? 👀”

She also revealed that apart from family members, the traditional healer her sister visited is the only outsider who is aware of the situation.

Didi wrote; My sister got married to an abusive husband and one night when he was away, she slept with his younger brother and fell pregnant. Her husband didn’t know that he’s not the dad until 2 weeks ago and that was before she found out that he slept with his brother’s wife. Messy.

Meanwhile, In another news…

A 50-year-old man identified as Mukhtar Ibrahim prayed to a Shari’a court sitting in Kaduna state to evict his former wife from his house.

He made the prayer through his counsel, Jamilu Sulaiman on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. The complainant also prayed the court to confirm the third pronouncement of divorce he gave to his ex-wife, Sa’adatu Abdulhadi.

Ibrahim said he is scared of the defendant and cannot sleep well at night. He told the court that she once invited members of her family to beat him up.

He said; I also want the custody of my four children because she lacks good manners; she had once called her family to beat me up, leaving me with injuries and bruises.

Right now, I am scared for my life and I can’t sleep with my two eyes closed since she refused to leave the house.

The defendant was not in court but the court messenger confirmed serving her the court sermon.