Lady disappointed as she walks into boutique to see salesman sleeping on the floor (Video)

A Nigerian lady entered a clothing store to patronise the establishment but the sight she met left her disappointed.

She found the boutique attendant sleeping on the floor and he did not sense that someone was inside the shop even as she was talking.

In a video shared on social media, she showed the man lying down on the tiles with a pillow placed under his head as though he were at home.

Feeling amused by the situation, the lady said that traders often complain about them not getting customers regularly only for the guy she met to be fast asleep while a customer was waiting for him.

Watch the video below:

b.e.r.r.i.e_j.u.i.c.e; He’s probably tired You don’t know how much work he has done Sometimes I sleep in my shop too it doesn’t mean I’m lazy or unserious.. It’s not easy to hold down a business madam everything is not content 🌚

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la_dutchezz; This is foolish , let me rest do u know if he has been up and hustling all day. If u want to buy wake him and buy wats with the video.

midesurprises_; But why ??? Why did you deem it sensible to post this or even make a video ! The guy might have been up since 4am ! Why can you just knock loudly or wake him ! E pass one dress you wan buy ? Imagine his boss sees this now !!!! Even him , do you know how he would feel !!!! Let’s be adding sense in everything we are doingoh !!! Omo nawa oh

miztersan_1; Make he no sleep? Is that so hard for you to wake him up and buy whatever you want to buy , but because say you wan record and post, sen*e far from you!

generallado; This Nigeria matter no reach to sleep? When dream wan dey sweet pass reality nko

ola_jumoke_funmilayo; This new week, you shall receive good news that will make you extremely happy🙏

_michelleofbuj; I feel this is very wrong. You don’t know what people are going through and boom you don carry camera. You think he’s happy sleeping in his shop filled with goods?? Some of una no just get brain.