How I smartly chased away lady that tried using food to snatch my hubby – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Abigail Oloda, has recounted how she used sense to chase away a lady that wanted to use food to get her man.

She said that before she got married, there was a woman who used to carry food to her fiance’s house at odd hours.

On one fateful day, Abigail decided to be the one to open the door when the lady came knocking with food. She said that she told her thanks fo the food, but cricitised the amount of salt she normally puts inside her meals.

According to the narrator, ever since that incident, the lady stopped visiting her man completely and to Abigail that was a big win.

She wrote; “Before I got married, there was this lady who brings my husband food at odd hours. One day I answered her when she came knocking.

I was all smiles & told her I enjoyed her meals but she should take it easy with salt. That was the last day we saw her. Abigail: 1, Crazy Thief: 0″

Checkout her tweet:

Meanwhile, in related news…

A popular Nigerian actress identified as Sarah Martins retracted her advise to women not to be afraid of snatching another person’s man.

Weeks ago, she asked women not to be scared of snatching a guy with good qualities from a woman who is lousy and careless.

“Never be afraid to snatch a good man from a lousy and careless woman! He deserve to be loved right… Same goes to women….Nobody is above snatching because everyone deserve to be loved right ❤️🥂 Out to snatch your papa,” she wrote.

However, as a result of backlash that trailed her controversial post, she tendered an apology and stated that she was misunderstood.

According to Sarah, the reason for her post was just ‘cruise’ purposes, but people twisted it to suit their narratives. The endowed screen diva said that she loves decent relationships and would never deliberately encourage people to scatter couples.

She said; “I understand my penultimate post had generated lots of criticism, public outrage and drags. I think I’ve been grossly misunderstood, and the intention of the post twisted by many.

Truth is that; that particular post was solely for cruise and cruise alone. It was never intended to spite anyone nor to encourage people into bad behavior. I therefore, sincerely apologize to all my genuine friends and followers and the social media community, who may have been offended in one way or the other by that post.

I love good and decent relationships and would never intentionally encourage anyone to destroy any. Kindly accept my sincere apologies, please 🙏🏽”