He paid N5k as bride price – Woman summons courage to divorce husband after eight years

A Nigerian woman, Muibat Lawal has divorced her husband, Jelili Lawal after eight years of marriage, on the accounts of irresponsibility, lack of love and constant public assault.

The plaintiff told the Grade A Customary Court, Oja Oba, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State that she was no longer interested in him because he failed to live up to his responsibilities. She also reveald that they got married in 2015 and he paid N5,000 as bride price.

Muibat, in her suit, prayed for the custody of their children whom she alleged were always neglected by her husband. She further sought an order restraining Jelili from harassing or threatening her.

She said, “My husband and I had an introduction ceremony in 2015, and he paid paid N5, 000 as my bride price. We started living together after this, and our union is blessed with two children.

“My husband started beating me early in our marriage. Jelili refused to be responsible. He neglected his duties towards me and our children in the area of feeding, clothing, and education.

“I, therefore, started playing a dual role in our marriage in order that peace would reign. I worked round the clock to ensure that our children were well fed and had their needs met. Jelili, rather than appreciate my efforts started accusing me of adultery. He sought every opportunity to beat me. My husband did not only beat me at home, but also in the public, thus humiliating me.

“I had no rest of mind living under the same roof with him because he was brutal in his behaviour towards me. Jelili also gave himself a bad name in our neighbourhood because of his inhumane behaviour towards me even in the public.

“He never listened to counsels given him by those who mediated in our differences and was always ready to fight them. I decided on having a divorce before he took my life and made our children live a miserable life without me.

“My lord, I pray for the custody of our children, but plead that my husband be ordered to be responsible for their upkeep, giving adequate attention to their feeding and education. I, in addition, beg the court to stop him from coming to my house or shop to harass or fight me.”

In his response, Jelili said, “My lord, my wife is a liar. I have never beaten her since we got married. I only slapped her once after she provoked me. I also do not wish to have her back in my house since she has walked out of our marriage.

“I, therefore, give my consent to divorce. My lord, I cannot afford more than N15, 000 per month for our children’s feeding, while I also promise to take up the responsibility of their education and pay their school fees as at when due.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, giving her judgment, observed that both parties have shown that they were no longer interested in their marriage.

She, therefore, ruled that the Customary marriage celebrated by both parties be dissolved and that they both ceased to be man and wife.

She granted the plaintiff custody of their children, while the defendant was ordered to be committed to their welfare. Akintayo further stopped the defendant from harassing, threatening, and fighting the plaintiff.