Elderly woman refuses to release grandchild as the runaway mother returns after 7 years (Video)

An old Nigerian woman is refusing to release her grandchild to the mother who just returned to claim him after abandoning the boy seven years ago.

She was being interviewed by a mediator who tried to help members of the family resolve their internal matter. The grandma explained why she is insisting on being in custody of the child.

The elderly woman revealed that deceased son and his wife had welcomed their baby seven years ago, but in an unexpected turn of events, her daughter-in-law left under the pretense that she needed to step out momentarily.

After years of being in the wind, the child’s long-lost mother reappeared and made a move to tae her son from her mother-in-law.

It was said that the mother, who has since remarried is now searching for a child, which is why she wants to reunite with the baby boy she left behind almost a decade ago.

Being that her son was late and the baby’s mother vanished, the grandmother had to take up the role of a caregiver for the child when his mother fled.

The elderly woman who was almost breaking down intears, further narrated how she had spent years single-handedly catering for the young boy, becoming his pillar of support and his only remaining family after the loss of her son and husband.

Speaking with so much passion and conviction, the grandma insisted that she would never let go of her grandson under any circumstances.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, jullz30_ wrote; Release fire,she should not allow any irresponsible parent have access to that child. Nonsense

tkinzystar; Let him stay with the grandma. She can always come to see him, support him and make sure she’s fully in his life.

mossybeddingsinteriors_outlet; I stand with grandma. If it’s not greed and selfishness, why is she back after 7 years to come a claim a child you abandoned with no remorse or reason. 👎 That boy is going no where . I’m sure if she’d given birth to another child, she won’t remember that she abandoned one child somewhere. The Heart of a Human is Desperately wicked .

blessingonwukwe; This case is simple. Leave the child with the old woman, she need to have someone she is attacked to living with her. The mother can come and visit occasionally. Afterall if that child had died nko will she be here looking for the child? Because the child was well taken care of, she wants him.

official_happinesskalu; I support the grandma .. you can’t eat your cake and have it back…all the young woman need is to buy something bring to his son and grandma plead with them to forgive her so she can have another child in her new home.