A good woman is someone who can stay a year without billing her boyfriend – Man reveals

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal how men can known if they are with a good woman.

The guy known as Alan, defined a good woman as someone who can stay with her partner for a whole year without making financial demands.

He stirred reactions with his tweet which read; “A woman that can stay in a relationship with you for 1year without billing you.”

See his post and comments below:

@favourc_ypt; Lmao this though maybe but not the way others bill though.

@MEKIZZ_; Ah mean..she has been surviving all this while..why bill me?🏴‍☠️

Meanwhile in other news..

Popular cleric, Enoch Adejare Adeboye has said he would like to be called to heaven the same day with his wife, Folu Adeboye.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, made this known in a Twitter post while celebrating his wife, who turned 75 on Thursday, July 13, 2023. Adeboye said the greatest blessing God bestowed upon him is his wife, and warned that anyone who dares to harm her will face divine retribution.

He wrote: Besides the salvation of my soul and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the greatest blessing bestowed upon me by the Lord is my wife, @pastorfoluadeboye. It is well-known that anyone who dares to harm her will face divine retribution. Many are unaware of the incredible extent of her compassion, generosity, and care for others.

From the moment she chose to spend her life with me, she has stood by my side through thick and thin. One of my fervent prayers is for both of us to be taken home together when the time comes.

We have special, endearing names for each other. I invite everyone to join me in celebrating this remarkable woman by joyfully shouting “Hallelujah” wherever you may be. Happy birthday, my beloved @pastorfoluadeboye.

In other news…

A 65-year-old pensioner has reportedly been left to languish in Nigeria after years of training and providing for his children abroad.

The man sent them to study in different countries but now that they are grown, they made arrangements for only their mother, who’s 60 years old, to join them abroad. According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the father worked all his life to give his kids the best education and ensure that they were comfortable in their host countries.

However, now that they live in America and Europe, they neglect him by not calling or showing interest in his welfare even as he battles high blood pressure and other ailments.

The post reads; He’s 65 years old. Retired pensioner, worked all his life to raise his kids. Deprived himself of life’s pleasures to pay expensive school fees and living expenses for his kids abroad.

They are now well-off in Europe and America. His wife, 60, has relocated to live with her kids. He’s alone back in Nigeria. His kids barely call him. He now has to start life all over as a bachelor. He struggles with high blood pressure and other ailments.

How long more would he survive alone? This is the reality for most working class monogamous men. Their old age is usually lonely and in many cases, sad. Try as you may, women love their kids more than their husbands, no matter how good the man is. The older he gets, the less use they have for him.

Tell me then, what do men benefit from marriage? They sacrifice so much but get little recognition for the hard work. The woman reaps all the benefits as the kids are often closer and more affectionate towards her when she becomes old.