“You get mind cheat on our sister” – Three sisters brutally assault man over alleged infidelity (Video)

A video which surfaced on social media captured the moment three women believed to be sisters were assaulting a man who is dating one of them.

It was gathered that he is in a relationship with the eldest sister, and he allegedly made advances at one of other ladies.

When they found out, they confronted him and began to beat the young man with sticks, punches, and slaps, turning deaf ears to his pleas for them to stop hitting him.

He kept pleading with them to allow him explain himself and he even questioned his partner named Bose, on whether he has ever cheated on her.

Speaking in Yoruba, one of the sisters could be heard saying, “You are in a relationship with my sister and still want to sleep with me.”

The young man continued to plead, saying, “Bose, please, listen. Please wait and let me explain. Even if you do not know me, have I ever cheated on you, Bose? Please stop.”

Watch video below:

Reacting, tonychris_nwamama; This is just sad. As a man be strong oooo. Go to gym and be a man. 5 women no suppose fit beat you normally.

ichie_agu1; That guy is weak . I no dey beat woman is not when my life is at stake. Give one of them better KO make her teeth scatter for ground and the rest will back off .

iamtimah_white; This is all shades of wrong 😏😏I blame the man if to say he don give one of dem uppercut the rest no go near am 😔😔

sicklewarrioruche; You are commiting assault and at the same time recording yourself commiting assault. What was this act for is it to prevent him from cheating on you again because any man in his right mind will run for his life after this so it’s a stupiid act to beat him up.

You should have just left him when you found out and kept your self respect but bad home training led you all to this point. I don’t support cheating for any reason but I’m against violence also it’s triggering and I’m very disappointed at these ladies 😞. Anyway what do I know.