Man struggling to feed family takes 2nd wife after customer gifted him N50,000

A Nigerian Twitter user has shared an interesting story about a man choosing to marry a second wife despite not being able to cater for his current wife and kid.

The narrator known as @Abdullahiabba_ on the microblogging platform, said the man, a nail cutter in the northern region received N50,000 gift from a customer.

According to him, after the marrried man got the money, he immediately started planning to take another woman as a second wife.

The post reads; “This guy has a family of 3 including his wife and all he does to feed the family is nail cutting, barely feeding his family to their satisfaction.

“A customer of him gave him a gift of 50K and his next move was getting married to another Woman. Life of an average Hausa Man”.

See the post:

Man struggling to feed family takes 2nd wife after customer gifted him N50,000

Reacting, Uncle_ismoh wrote: This is the reality ana gobe salla we went to buy cow tail a mahauta me and my sister and this guy is bragging about how many children and wives he had wai ayaranshi harda kamata 😂😂and I don’t think if he’s older than my small uncle wlh.

abbaxerngou said: I don’t know what’s wrong with this kind of people, whenever they get something huge their mentality is just to get another woman despite the hardship they are facing.

orla2052 noted: Taking another woman is like taking another burden when u are not financially, spiritually ,physically and mentally balanced.

In another news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that an unemployed man known as Byago Donat chose to engage in street begging in a bid to make some money for the raising of his seven kids.

Life took a drastic turn for the single father when his wife upped and abandoned him with all their children, making it difficult for him to work for income. Donat said he wanted to use use the money he raises from begging for alms to take his children to school and also pay house rent.

According to the struggling man he would love to seek employment to cater for the kids, but being the only parents figure in their lives, he has to perform the duty of a mother to the minors, some of whom are still babies.

“I am a father of seven children. I had five before we got the last two who are twins. We spent a month and a half in the hospital and I came home with my wife. We spent another two and a half months together thereafter before she left,” Donat told Afrimax.

He recounted how he returned from work one day only to meet his wife’s absence and till date seems to know her whereabouts.

He further revealed that the burden of combining child care with his work as a barber began to take a toll on his punctuality and productivity, hence his boss fired him because he has a no-tolerabce policy for lateness.

The father of 7 who feels dejected after losing the only source of income, noted that he had no other option than to start begging on the streets.