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Pope Francis reveals favourite footballer

Pope Francis has named football icon, Pele real name, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, as his favourite footballer.

In a commemorative event for World War II soldiers, Francis was asked to choose between Messi and the late Maradona by TV station TG1.

The 86-year-old replied that Pele is his favourite, citing the late Brazilian’s humility as the reason behind his choice.

GOAL reports that in a statement on the matter, Francis said: “I would add a third, Pele. They are the three I have followed. All three are great, each with his speciality. At the moment Messi is very good.”

He added, “Maradona as a man failed, poor thing, he slipped, the people around him didn’t help him. He came to see me the first year [I was pontiff]. [His life] ended badly. It’s funny, many sportsmen end badly, even in boxing. It’s curious.”

“Messi is very correct, he is a gentleman. Among these three, the greatest gentleman is Pele. He is a man with a very big heart. I spoke to him, I met him on a plane in Buenos Aires, and he is a man of great humanity.”