Prayer is not always the solution, sometimes go to the village – Pastor Yul Edochie

Famous Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie, has advised the general public to not see prayers as the only solution to their problems.

The actor turned clergyman advised Nigerians to go to their villages to seek solution to certain problems, rather than praying all the time.

Yul Edochie dished the advise via his social media page, while emphasizing that the answer to one’s problems can sometimes be found in their villages.

He stressed that it is necessary for people to go and ask questions especially on the issue of why death has become a reoccuring factor in their family.

The thespian pointed out how some people have been praying but their family challenge still persists, hence why consultations in the village are important.

Edochie wrote; “Prayer is good. But sometimes the answer to your problems lies in your village. Go home & ask questions. For some families, death has become a reoccurring thing.

They have prayed for so long yet nothing changed. Go to your village & ask questions. Do some consultations. Many answers lie there.”

Prayer is not always the solution, sometimes go to the village - Pastor Yul Edochie

Meanwhile, in another news…

CorrectNG recalls that a Nigerian woman recently took to social media to celebrate her husband for being prayerful and very supportive in raising the children.

The wife said he spouse wakes up by 3am everyday to pray for she and their children. On one particular day she woke up around 4am to see him praying in the sitting room and he later moved to the kids room to continue.

In a video she recorded and posted on her TikTok page @Abynaturals, her partner could be seen kneeling down offering prayers fervently. In another part, she showed him ironing the kids uniform and clothes.

She said; “This particular day I woke up at 4:00am and saw him praying in the sitting room. I went to the kitchen to check something’s and went back to my room. Only to come out at 4am and met him praying for the kids as usual.

O I shed a tear. To how blessed I am to have this man as Mine! BABYNATURALS I for the first time recorded him doing this, and watching this video shows how blessed I am. Every day he lays his hands on our head and in the place of prayers, and I’m strengthened each passing day!”