Pastor miraculously removes object from woman’s head after 5-year battle with headaches (Watch video)

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment a pastor miraculoulsy removed an object from the head of a woman who complained of endless headaches.

It was gathered that church member informed the clergyman that she has been having headaches which refused to go for more than five years.

In the viral clip, the pastor could be seen digging his hand into the woman’s head and bringing out a ‘spiritual object’ which he claimed was causing her constant headaches.

The miracle he performed on the woman during a private session in church stirred controversy and generated massive reactions on social media.

Watch the video below:

@Deribb; This is one of the reasons why they don’t rate us in africa 🤣🤣😂 Oyinbo wey bring Christianity no see miracles do

@Allezamani; What’s stopping him from visiting the sick in hospitals and healing them all?

@ObideyiEmmy1; ah you see say person dey lie and pretend you still dey talk god is good na people like una dey fall down for anointing

@MyrorMiller; Nah this same guy remove something from baby belle for another video, from him face you go see say nah serious guy man wey hold him members for serious work..

@Irishnaija; These lies are just the reason I don’t go to church…..I can’t see myself sitting and listening to these business men and women. Keep deceiving yourself…

You are also not doing anyone by going to set and listen to lies that you can read by yourself in the comfort of your home…I don’t need anyone to tell me what is written in the Bible when I can read it myself.

@Okey_Ego_Crypto; Don’t believe him is not true o. Is arrangement between the lady and the pastor.

@i_jandor; Why does religion predominate so much in Nigeria? Nowadays, everywhere na church. Yet the level of corruption in Nigeria is moving like a speed of light.

Meanwhile in similar news…

A Nigerian lady has shared a testimony about the miracle that occurred when she was just a baby traveling with her family.

Oghenerume said they went for Christmas and were returning home to a northern city when an accident happened, and their car summersaulted.

Her mother went into a coma for three days and when she woke up, she asked for her baby, and that was when hospital staff realised that a child was missing.

They immediately rushed to the accident scene and found the baby (Oghenerume) crying under the overturned car. According to the young woman, her dad was the person who narrated the story to her.

In her words; My dad had tortoise car. We came home for Christmas and was on our way back to the north. We had an accident and the car summersulted. Mum woke up 3 days later in the hospital and was asking about her husband and children. That was when they realized a child was missing.

Long story short, sm persons went back to the accident scene & true to mums words, they heard a baby crying under the car and that’s how I was reunited with my family. My father told me this story. Said I was a toddler when it happened. He still has pictures of the accidents car.